meet terri

Hi, I am terri, the soft and squishy side of Trawick Images.  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you might know me as funny, in charge and and just a bit romantic.  I am the mom who picked up a camera to take better pictures of her kids and ended up discovering exactly who I was ment to be.I am a mom, wife, friend, sister and aunt. I am not your average woman or photographer.  In fact, I  am not your average anything.  My life has so many struggles and successes that it would take a week Oprah shows just to scratch the surface. It took me until my 40’s to realize that I am so much more than what I do. I am a woman who knows what it feels like to be truly alone and truly happy all at the same time. I have found love, lost love and found it again. I have danced in the rain with my kids, laughed so hard it hurt and I have earned every wrinkle on my forehead. I have followed the rules until it was time to break them and I truly understand that beauty is internal, sexy is an attitude and neither have anything to do with what someone looks like.

In today's world we are bombarded daily by what "beauty" is and brain washed into believing that you must be a certain age or size or shape or... whatever to be "beautiful". Here's how I see it... every woman is born beautiful and unique.  Beauty is not external, it is an internal confidence,and being sexy has absolutely nothing to do with being a size “0” that really even a size, I mean “0” really?!? My specialty is helping real women bringing that inner sensuality, confidence and real beauty to the surface and help you see yourself as others see you. I want every woman embrace everything she is and explore anything she wants to be. 

Whether you're single, married, beginning a new chapter or closing the door on an old one - the images we create together can boost your confidence and improve your self-image and help you remember parts of you that we often forget were there. If you're thinking about a session as a gift, that is awesome.  However, I promise you it will be just as much a gift to yourself.  There is a word that I have always loved. It truly describes who I have become. By definition, it means showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks... I am Audacious.... are you?