Congratulation to 2018's Calendar Models

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Congratulation to 2018's Calendar Models

Hey everyoneits been a while, its hard to believe its already April, well almost May!   It is also time to get rolling on a little calendar project that has definitely grown and has a life of its own.   Pinups with a Purpose is a passion project of Audacious Images.  Our mission is to support local charities while empowering women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds by challenging their self -perception, increasing their self-confidence and inspiring them to love themselves exactly how they are.  


This years calendar is shaping up to be AMAZING!  We had such a huge response we could have done 8 calendars for the year.  In line with our PWP mission statement, we wanted to empower women of all shapes, sizes and background and to keepthe selection process as fair as possible, the committee chose based completely on the answers. Yep, all personal information and images submission were retracted! It still wasn’t easy but after several meetings and tons of texting , we are very excited to announce this years Models. 



Erica Buchhalter

Bailey Parker 

Shannon Vaughn 

Sara Baskin

Victoria Wright

Natalie Cochran

Shawnelle McMullen

Aumbra Braden

Lisbeth Pisias

Julia Jones 

Kioti Taylor

Rae Karpinski

Lea Riccardi

Chaeanne Fortenberry 


Congratulations to these awesome women and … check your email!




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Black Label Boudoir Event

Have you ever wanted to have Audacious Boudoir experience? Maybe you are looking for the perfect Valentines gift for him?  How about an amazing empowering experience for yourself?  Audacious Images is offering a Boudoir Event just in time for Valentines day.

We are currently booking for January 27 ,28 and 29th. Appointments are limited so sign up today to reserve yours or get on our waiting list for early Spring 2017.

Event details: 

~In person consultation

~Professional hair & makeup

~Champagne & Cocktail upon arrivals

~Hors d’oeuvre

~Two outfits/looks 1 hour session

~Password protected custom smart phone app with 10 edited image album Investment starting at $450.00  ($250 non refundable deposit to hold your appointment due at time of booking). 

Luxury upgrade:  50% off our Brand new Black Label Albums(absolutely the Last Little Black Book he will ever need).  


Bras - Cute and supportive for curvy girls, who knew?


Bras - Cute and supportive for curvy girls, who knew?

Let's face it ladies, for those of us who are let's just say curvy,  shopping for bras sucks!  You find a bra that is really cute and makes you feel a bit girly but in no way hold "the twins" up or in place.  The bras that fits perfectly, give the girls the support they deserve but don't even rate on the cuteness scale and forget about feeling sexy.  (Ok by girls you all know what I am talking about here...).

Check out this article from Teen Vogue.  Great Ideas for a session but more importantly awesome bras to liven up your everyday wardrobe.



Quiet Saturday morning.

Hi you

It Saturday morning, the house is silent and the weather is amazing.  I can't remember the last Saturday my feet didn't hit the ground running with session or grocery run or just  stuff I had to get done.  I took my coffee out on the back porch to enjoy this very rare occasion and here is the most surprising part .... I actually have some alone time, but wait there's more... and I am writing a blog post... I know right!!!

Last Saturday, I woke up packed and headed to Addison for Texas School of Professional Photography. Wow what an experience, I have always been and will always be a 100 percent believer of education  for life.  When I picked up my first digital camera, I had no idea the journey it would take me on, the experience I would have and the people I would meet.  Looking back it was truly one of THE moments in my life.  From day one, I wanted to learn.  Photography is something I always loved, doesn't every photographer say that? (Lol).

The love of photography has always been there, from the first time my Dad handed me the family Minolta and said here you take it.... I was hooked. Photography is the perfect blend of the left and right side of my brain and I feel it is a gift to look at life through the lens.   OK. There I go on another tangent again, yep another squirrel moment.

Ok back to Texas School and photography education.  This may be hard to believe but this was my first big photographic educational experience as a student.  Up to this point I have been to seminars for a couple hours here or there and to  state, district and national PPA conventions.  I was even blessed to be asked to be a mentor at After Dark but never been able to go to a "school" (truth be told Texas School has always been on my someday list).

I have been home a week and am still processing everything that I experienced last week.  Yes I used the word experienced not learned for a reason, Texas School is an EXPERIENCE and I hope to get to return and experience it again.  I loved it!   I could tell you about all the benefits of Texas school the small class size and variety of classes and activities and such but that can all be found easily on their website and Facebook page.  However, my experience was on such a deeper level. I have mentioned before how Robert and I have been "reevaluating and reorganizing and reprioritizing " Trawick Images  and our lives lately and can not imaging taking a class that was any more perfect for me right know at this moment.

Bry Cox is based out of Utah and travels all over the world teaching every aspect of photography. (Did you catch that I got to spend a week learning from an international photographic educator and Adobe evangelist).  His class was Celebrity style imaging, how to make every client look and feel like celebrity.  He filled my head and my note pad with ideas and info on how to shoot and organize to save time before and after the shoot.  That is what Bry taught us.  Lighting, posing and shooting techniques to get it right in camera so that we don't have to "touch up" in post process.  Robert taught me and has always said shoot it right in camera, but Brys system took it to a new level.  I explained why and how to do it, showed us on two different models, let us try it for our selves, import,  cull, export and edit the gallery ready to show to your client and that was  in the first two days.  Do you remember me telling you it was a week long school lol and I haven't even got to the most important things I took away from last week yet. For a girl who really doesn't like to write this sure is getting long.

Ok so one more thing,  Bry taught us how to paint in Photoshop, here's my first attempt on one of my all time favorite images.... Can't wait to get better at this...





I'm Still Here Working My Craft


Well Hello there.... It's been a while..... Heck it's been a long while. 

Yes I am still the softer side of Trawick Images... Lol. Robert and I have have worked very very hard for quite a few years and have struggled to fine the right mix of business, family, fun, inspiration and sleep.  At PPA's ImagingUSA last year, we had the HONOR... Notice the capitalization.... I mean it truly was an honor to interview Anna Brandt.... (Side bar... Check out my husband on the Fotofacts Podcast.  You might even catch a really cool guest hostess every now and then). 

Ok back to the blog: So Anna!  Anna has an amazing story and she was inspiring to both Robert and I and really made us think about how we were approaching our business, and our lives in general. She said somedays she was a good mom, somedays a good wife, some days a good photographer, and somedays a good business woman, very rarely is she ever two of those on the same day.  Holy crap that resonated all the way down to my toes.  Robert and I talked about it .... A lot....though about it independently...then talked about it some more and have started making some major changes in hows we approach life love and photography. 

Audacious Photography has always been the softer side of Trawick Images. We have rebrand as Audacious Images and merged our two websites into one.  Weddings and Intimate Portraits are where we started and something I still love and I have recently found that I enjoy shooting High School Seniors, with a bit of a fashion flair, who knew! 

As I am writing this blog, Robert is driving me home from one of the best, most intensive, photographic experiences in my life, The Texas School (Texas School of Professional Photography).  I have spent the last week learning and sharing with some amazing photographers and instructors.  I even surprised my self a bit by realizing that I love education.  I love to learn new techniques and get ideas on how to do business. I love being a student and being a teacher and mentor, something tells me I will be doing more and more of both in the future.  My brain in crammed full of inspiration and ideas and I can't wait to get back and turn some of these ideas into practice.

Texas School truly was amazing and deserves a blog post all to its self. 
That's all for now,

Hugs, Terri



I Survived... ( speaking in San Antonio)

I wanted to say a big thank you to the San Antonio Guild of the Professional Photographers of America.  I can not express the gratitude I have for you all. It was my pleasure and honor to be asked to speak at your monthly meeting. Being a profession boudoir photographer is something I love and enjoying sharing with other professionals in the industry.  Robert has many of these "speaking" gigs under his belt, his only advice was... think of everyone sitting in the audience as naked.... thanks hun!  Once we cross the Red River my nerves got to me a bit...ok a ton, it seemed to take for ever to get from Ft Worth to San Antonio.  Everyone at the meeting was so open and friendly, I can't think of a better group of professionals for my first guild presentation.  Even with a few (by few I mean more than a few... lol) technical difficulties and new levels of nervousness, I had a great time.  In true military fashion, Robert and I had a debrief on the way home, made a few changes and I can say with a smile, I am looking forward to doing it again soon.... (I can't believe I just typed that). We have been running non stop since we got home so I am a few days late posting images from BOTH my models.  Ashley was truly amazing and however, I am a bit partial to my "other" model....

If you have any questions please email me at or send me a message on Facebook.

Please enjoy and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.





Wanna win a free Digital Divas Experience...

Facebook... love it hate it! They are always changing their rules and policies. They also tend to resize your images for you. We this is a special I am running and I am afraid that you are not able to read it clearly on Facebook.  

Here is what you do...



Use the SHARE Button at the bottom of the box where you found this link to share this post with all your friends and family.... Ask them to like my page. I will randomly give away a session to one of the like or shares on the 16th of September. How easy is that!


Good luck and share the love...






Limited time introductory price!




Super Monday.... always feed the models!

OK so when ever I to any type of TFP (talent for pics) I always stress please be sure and feed the models.... this years super monday class was not an exception. I must have said it at least 50 times.... I am such a slacker I am just now getting around to actually getting their images out.  I want to say a great big thank you to Eric Epperly for sending two ladies for my class.... I think their images turned out great... I also have to thank my other half Robert.  He is an amazing photographer, husband, father, and friend and I couldn't do it with out you babe...  

well enough of that .... let me know what ya'll think! 



PPA Super Monday

I know its been a while since I have posted anything.  It has been a crazy few months... ok year...  

I truly believe in the PPA so I am very excited to be teaching this year...



Back by popular demand my "No Studio Boudie" workshop #ourppa #boudoir



After Dark Education Dallas...a truly amazing experience!

I am a bit behind the ball with this blog post, ( its turned into more of a book lol) ... the truth is I do not even know where to start with my experiences at After Dark Dallas.   I honestly have to tell you it was absolutely the most amazing photographic experience of my life.  Those who know my "story" know how photography gave me back something in my life I though I had lost forever, my creativity, and through photography I found my loving husband, Robert.  What you may not know is that through photography, and thanks to AD Dallas,  I have gained a confidence in my self that I have struggled with since college.  I was a classically trained musician who had such overwhelming stage freight that I literally could not perform by my self on stage.  In an ensemble, I am rock solid, you put me out there solo and my knees go weak and literally I am physically ill.   It was so bad that I changed my major and totally walked away from music and all things creative. When I received the email asking to be a mentor at AD Dallas, and after I figured out it was not a joke, I  realized that I would be teaching...what... me in front of a group... my nerves when into overdrive and I was suddenly 19 again and all the fear of "performance" were right back there.  I had decided to pass on the offer then my husband grabbed my hand, looked me in the eye and said you can do this.  I took a deep breath and said only if you do it with me. You see he is the educator of our family and really good at it,  I was just part of the ensemble, he was the conductor (nice music reference huh... lol ).  I replied to the email and before I knew it, I was an official Mentor for AD Dallas.   Before I even got to Dallas, I was staking out the other mentors... like Kevin Focht, Chuckie Arlund,  Brian DeMint,  Damon Tucci, Stephanie Zettl, Jordan Chan , Viki Taufer, and Julie Klaasmeyer.  I started looking at the talent that was coming and yep started freaking out .... again!  lol.  There are truly some photographic Rock Stars there.  I am not going to lie.. I WAS NERVOUS ... oh and did I mention that by the time we actually made it Dallas, my husband and I were both sick! (not because of nerves either...) I could go on for hours with the talent that was there, really (hours just look how long this blog post is) But I think I will just show some images from our Pods....







There were so many talented mentors and attendees  there.  Everyone was approachable and open to questions. It was a 3 day event filled with nothing but creativity.  I can not thank Dave Junion  enough for coming up with such an amazing idea.   When I introduced myself and said thank you for having me as a mentor in Dallas, you gave me an assignment.  You said  now go and do something you never have done before.  Dave, the entire mentoring/teaching experience was that for me! I do not have the words to tell you how truly grateful I am.  I am still overwhelmed  at how much I learned from everyone else there.  My photography is nowhere on the level I want it to be but, I came home invigorated  and my creative  batteries are recharged and am ready to push my self and my photography and just bust the heck out of my box.  It honestly took me about a week to really comprehend everything I experienced.   I also found a confidence in my self that I did not even know I had and that I love sharing... even in front of groups.. who'd a thunk it!

If your have ever though about going to After Dark, stop thinking abut it and just do it. I promise it will change you and your photography for ever!







Practice... Practice... Practice....

OK... any of you guys who know me personally know how seriously I take education... I always am striving to sharpen my skills and be able to up my game for myself and my clients... had a play date with my husband this weekend and we worked on some lighting skills.  Big thank you to Miss C for her infinite patience.... Mrs Lana Vanzant... awesome hair and the fabuluous DeAndrea Daniels... knocked it out of the park on the make up... :-) 


Were trying some new light techniques... take a look and tell me what you think....


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Mrs Desiree... Contest Winner... Audacious Lady and Friend

Remember this....  

Sky.... we need more fans....

Me.... yep....

Sky.... lets give away a free session at 1000 fans....

Me...  sure... (thinking to myself...Like we're ever gonna get 1000 fans...)

Sky... just wait... I am so excited! (ever the positive one, isn't she?)

Fast forward a few weeks to the Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Fair...


Robert.... I had the best idea.... lets take profile pics at the fair and the  "fan"

who gets the most likes and comments wins a free session...

Me.... ok honey.... (side note:  did I mention that he has the brilliant ideas in the shower...)

Robert.... oh and we can have everyone email or post what being audacious means to them and at the

end of the month we will pick a winner and give them a free session...

Me... ok honey....( did I mention where he has these brilliant ideas....)


Ok so off we go to the PWG show and had an absolute blast meeting all these awesome ladies...and actually shot almost 100 profile pics....

I got them posted and holy moly.... did my phone start dinging (and dinging and dinging and dinging).... (side note.... face book comments WERE linked to my phone... key word here is WERE....)

It was a really close race but toward the end... we have a clear winner... I am telling you if she can get this many comments... I should hire her to do my PR and Advertising...


Ms Desiree Molina.... you my chicka... are Audacious....!


Fast forward to last Friday ....Ms Desiree is now  Mrs. Walters and I am proud and honored to be called her friend.


You see this year has been well a challenge.... It has had some extreme highs... like I got hitched on the beach, surrounded by family and friends... I think it may have actually been the perfect day... ( that is a whole blog post in itself... and yes it is coming) but it has also had some challenges.  I could right for days about those but the truth is.... I was having a bad spell and started to wonder if this was all worth it..... then I got an email from Mrs. Walters....I think it was God's way of saying hey Terri.... you're right where you're supposed to be doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing....It truly brought tears to my eyes and reminded me why I started Audacious in the first place...


I had this big cool blog post planned about Des... but I think I will let her words speak for themselves... I will just add the pics...


...Some of you may remember the Perfect Wedding Guide New Fan Contest, it might even be the very reason why you even know about Audacious! I was named the winner after a month of annoying all my family and friends to vote for me.



Oh man you have no idea how thankful I am to have such amazing people in my life!


Well I figured I would share a little background about myself that led me up to that point. After a bad relationship, gym time, and plenty of me time… I wanted feel like myself again! I wanted to feel beautiful! From that point on I always thought about boudoir but was never really confident enough to do it. I went on a lot of first dates, very few second dates, and never got called a girlfriend. Then one day my work crush finally gave me the chance I always hoped for! From there my life was FOREVER changed. He made me feel as though no other girl in the world was as beautiful, smart, funny, and kind as me. It seriously felt like my prince charming had finally come to rescue me from a lot of insecurities, and plenty of heartache.  February 5, 2011 my best friend asked me to be his wife.


Well I made my way to the Perfect Wedding Guide’s bridal show to check out the goodies the show had to offer. Sky convinced me to get my picture taken with the angel wings at the Audacious booth she was working. I had NO clue they were running a contest for such an amazing boudoir package until AFTER they snapped my picture! Who doesn’t like to win awesome prizes!? Especially something that’s so unique for their future husband!



All the pictures of the ladies who entered were posted. I didn’t waste ANY time to tag myself, create a strategy, and go for the win! Men have their March Madness for college basketball, and I made this MY March Madness. I sent messages like crazy, posted anything clever to advertise myself, and asked my family and friends to do the same! I swear March was the longest month for me this year!!! Over 150 likes and almost 800 comments later, I was announced the winner! Now let’s fast forward to my session!


I finally booked my session for July. I seriously have no idea how much time I spent looking at lingerie, boudoir photography ideas of what to wear, and how much thought I put into everything I chose. All I can say is I probably have enough lingerie to dress a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show because I thought of any and every possibility of what I might want!


I came with my suitcase full of shoes, and outfits. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I spoke with Terri and Sky enough to feel absolutely comfortable with them and trusted them completely. I started in hair and make-up. I wasn’t made up to where I was unrecognizable and I loved how everything turned out. Then Sky helped me out with my outfit choices, shoes, and accessories from their collection to make the whole look complete. There was plenty of upbeat music being played, laughs being laughed, and many compliments being given throughout the session. Terri and Sky periodically would show me a shot that they captured, and man! Unedited images that I was not ashamed of and looked like a total fox. I did not expect that! I seriously felt like a super model that day!!! That in itself is worth every penny for an Audacious session.

I got to check out my images and I had pick my top 25-30 images for the little black book I was giving my fiancé the day of our wedding. I thought it was going to be difficult to pick out enough pictures. I went through all my images, wrote down which ones I liked, and at the end I had WAY over 30 images!!! Whoops but that’s a good problem to have. I made my final selections and gave them to Terri.

Terri hand delivered the little black book I’ve been dying to see. She was sure to give it to me the week of my wedding because I expressed to her I gift early and this was one gift I did not want to give early!  It blew me away! It was beautifully put together, and the book was amazing quality that will last.


On October 22, 2011 I exchanged vows with the man of my dreams in front of our family and friends. We arrived to our reception, and ate dinner with our photographers in an office away from everyone else before we made our appearance. After we were finished eating and were about to head out, that’s when my groom got a gift that knocked his socks off. The look on his face while going through his little black book was absolutely priceless, and something I will never forget for the rest of my life.

Thank you to the Audacious ladies for helping me get my confidence back, and for helping me give my husband a gift that will forever be special to him! (Thank you Paul Houston Photography and Cinema for the sneak peaks).




I never introduced myself because I wanted to share my story without a name but now that you know little about me. I want to formally introduce myself.

My name is Desiree Walters, and I AM AUDACIOUS!!!!!




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I LOVE fall and I Love our "dates"

For any of you who know me.... you know my life is ..... well in a word... INSANE....  I have 3 daughters, 11,13 and 18 and full time job, am married to a photographer who truly is the love of my life and together we run two yep two photography business.  I can not ever seem to find the time to do anything much less everything that I need to get done.  I truly just need to clone my self a couple of times and then I might be able to get some stuff marked off my to do list. (It is way longer than Santa's naughty or nice list).   Anyway, We decided my husband should quit is job and go full time well with that, we also decided, we needed to purge our lives from the clutter and get rid of our 2... yes 2 storage units.  So in the last three weeks I have had 2 garage sales, (still didn't get rid of all the junk yet... lol) approximately 14 cheer practices, one daughter with Mono... oh and strep.... 2 trips to the ER and 3 trips to the urgent care.... 8 therapy appointments for a cheerleadering accident.... and I could just keep going on and on and on.....Yep see INSANE... Well, today I took a break... everything in me told me I should be at home emailing clients or working on this blog post etc.  But, my husband..... I am so blessed to be his wife.... took me on a date....  


Please understand when you are a Photographer and married to one.... dates are a excuse to go hang out together with your bff and shoot for fun, oh an we usually call it scouting........ I didn't want to go but he made me.  I have to tell him thank you from the bottom of my heart because it was so incredibly beautiful outside and I did not realize how much I needed to relax a bit.   See that's him....



As I said the colors were beautiful and weather amazing....  and my sensor was very dirty..



On occasion, just like everyone else, I start feeling a bit sorry for my self.... and then I think about a very dear friend of mine... she is more than a friend... she is family!  I have a few years on me and have earned the wrinkles in my forehead, went to college (for ever) studied over seas, seen Venice, London and Paris, had children, laughed until I wet myself and cried so much I ran out of tears.   I have lived.....My dear friend is at the beginning of her life adventure  and suffering from some serious health issues.... she has reminds me everyday that its not the big milestones that are important its the small details that make life worth it.  The first first time he held my hand.  The first time she called him dad.... the first time.... the details.... this one is for you kiddo!





We ended at Sara Sara and boy was I hungry..... btw trains are loud....



Oh and we stopped downtown for a bit.... I don't what band this bus belongs to but you must be cool cuz you had groupies waiting on you.... Me.... your bus made me smile!





Its late and I bet there are a ton of mistakes, mispellings.... and what ever...frankly my day of fun has worn me out and I am off to sleep...


Stay tuned there are some amazing things coming!









Sexy Santa Special...

We said we would have a lot to announce over the next few weeks and here we go!

This week we are launching our Sexy Santa Special...

for all those lovely ladies who wanted to WOW this Christmas.

(without paying the regular rates)






We've been hard at work around here and have a LOT of really cool announcements coming your way!

We'll be announcing one a week for the next four weeks so stay tuned!!

This week we're happy to share :

So if you're a bride to one of these photographers make sure you send us a message!

A little birdie tells me that there are special albums, some cool accessories, price incentives and angel wings available for all of you...



The Ladies of Audacious