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Quiet Saturday morning.

Hi you

It Saturday morning, the house is silent and the weather is amazing.  I can't remember the last Saturday my feet didn't hit the ground running with session or grocery run or just  stuff I had to get done.  I took my coffee out on the back porch to enjoy this very rare occasion and here is the most surprising part .... I actually have some alone time, but wait there's more... and I am writing a blog post... I know right!!!

Last Saturday, I woke up packed and headed to Addison for Texas School of Professional Photography. Wow what an experience, I have always been and will always be a 100 percent believer of education  for life.  When I picked up my first digital camera, I had no idea the journey it would take me on, the experience I would have and the people I would meet.  Looking back it was truly one of THE moments in my life.  From day one, I wanted to learn.  Photography is something I always loved, doesn't every photographer say that? (Lol).

The love of photography has always been there, from the first time my Dad handed me the family Minolta and said here you take it.... I was hooked. Photography is the perfect blend of the left and right side of my brain and I feel it is a gift to look at life through the lens.   OK. There I go on another tangent again, yep another squirrel moment.

Ok back to Texas School and photography education.  This may be hard to believe but this was my first big photographic educational experience as a student.  Up to this point I have been to seminars for a couple hours here or there and to  state, district and national PPA conventions.  I was even blessed to be asked to be a mentor at After Dark but never been able to go to a "school" (truth be told Texas School has always been on my someday list).

I have been home a week and am still processing everything that I experienced last week.  Yes I used the word experienced not learned for a reason, Texas School is an EXPERIENCE and I hope to get to return and experience it again.  I loved it!   I could tell you about all the benefits of Texas school the small class size and variety of classes and activities and such but that can all be found easily on their website and Facebook page.  However, my experience was on such a deeper level. I have mentioned before how Robert and I have been "reevaluating and reorganizing and reprioritizing " Trawick Images  and our lives lately and can not imaging taking a class that was any more perfect for me right know at this moment.

Bry Cox is based out of Utah and travels all over the world teaching every aspect of photography. (Did you catch that I got to spend a week learning from an international photographic educator and Adobe evangelist).  His class was Celebrity style imaging, how to make every client look and feel like celebrity.  He filled my head and my note pad with ideas and info on how to shoot and organize to save time before and after the shoot.  That is what Bry taught us.  Lighting, posing and shooting techniques to get it right in camera so that we don't have to "touch up" in post process.  Robert taught me and has always said shoot it right in camera, but Brys system took it to a new level.  I explained why and how to do it, showed us on two different models, let us try it for our selves, import,  cull, export and edit the gallery ready to show to your client and that was  in the first two days.  Do you remember me telling you it was a week long school lol and I haven't even got to the most important things I took away from last week yet. For a girl who really doesn't like to write this sure is getting long.

Ok so one more thing,  Bry taught us how to paint in Photoshop, here's my first attempt on one of my all time favorite images.... Can't wait to get better at this...





I'm Still Here Working My Craft


Well Hello there.... It's been a while..... Heck it's been a long while. 

Yes I am still the softer side of Trawick Images... Lol. Robert and I have have worked very very hard for quite a few years and have struggled to fine the right mix of business, family, fun, inspiration and sleep.  At PPA's ImagingUSA last year, we had the HONOR... Notice the capitalization.... I mean it truly was an honor to interview Anna Brandt.... (Side bar... Check out my husband on the Fotofacts Podcast.  You might even catch a really cool guest hostess every now and then). 

Ok back to the blog: So Anna!  Anna has an amazing story and she was inspiring to both Robert and I and really made us think about how we were approaching our business, and our lives in general. She said somedays she was a good mom, somedays a good wife, some days a good photographer, and somedays a good business woman, very rarely is she ever two of those on the same day.  Holy crap that resonated all the way down to my toes.  Robert and I talked about it .... A lot....though about it independently...then talked about it some more and have started making some major changes in hows we approach life love and photography. 

Audacious Photography has always been the softer side of Trawick Images. We have rebrand as Audacious Images and merged our two websites into one.  Weddings and Intimate Portraits are where we started and something I still love and I have recently found that I enjoy shooting High School Seniors, with a bit of a fashion flair, who knew! 

As I am writing this blog, Robert is driving me home from one of the best, most intensive, photographic experiences in my life, The Texas School (Texas School of Professional Photography).  I have spent the last week learning and sharing with some amazing photographers and instructors.  I even surprised my self a bit by realizing that I love education.  I love to learn new techniques and get ideas on how to do business. I love being a student and being a teacher and mentor, something tells me I will be doing more and more of both in the future.  My brain in crammed full of inspiration and ideas and I can't wait to get back and turn some of these ideas into practice.

Texas School truly was amazing and deserves a blog post all to its self. 
That's all for now,

Hugs, Terri



I Survived... ( speaking in San Antonio)

I wanted to say a big thank you to the San Antonio Guild of the Professional Photographers of America.  I can not express the gratitude I have for you all. It was my pleasure and honor to be asked to speak at your monthly meeting. Being a profession boudoir photographer is something I love and enjoying sharing with other professionals in the industry.  Robert has many of these "speaking" gigs under his belt, his only advice was... think of everyone sitting in the audience as naked.... thanks hun!  Once we cross the Red River my nerves got to me a bit...ok a ton, it seemed to take for ever to get from Ft Worth to San Antonio.  Everyone at the meeting was so open and friendly, I can't think of a better group of professionals for my first guild presentation.  Even with a few (by few I mean more than a few... lol) technical difficulties and new levels of nervousness, I had a great time.  In true military fashion, Robert and I had a debrief on the way home, made a few changes and I can say with a smile, I am looking forward to doing it again soon.... (I can't believe I just typed that). We have been running non stop since we got home so I am a few days late posting images from BOTH my models.  Ashley was truly amazing and however, I am a bit partial to my "other" model....

If you have any questions please email me at or send me a message on Facebook.

Please enjoy and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.





Super Monday.... always feed the models!

OK so when ever I to any type of TFP (talent for pics) I always stress please be sure and feed the models.... this years super monday class was not an exception. I must have said it at least 50 times.... I am such a slacker I am just now getting around to actually getting their images out.  I want to say a great big thank you to Eric Epperly for sending two ladies for my class.... I think their images turned out great... I also have to thank my other half Robert.  He is an amazing photographer, husband, father, and friend and I couldn't do it with out you babe...  

well enough of that .... let me know what ya'll think! 



PPA Super Monday

I know its been a while since I have posted anything.  It has been a crazy few months... ok year...  

I truly believe in the PPA so I am very excited to be teaching this year...



Back by popular demand my "No Studio Boudie" workshop #ourppa #boudoir