Shooting on Vacation..... Shut the Front Door!

Robert, my other half, and I are huge fans of the Professional Photographers of America and are always ready to talk about Photography to whoever will listen.  Last year Robert was asked to speak in NOLA at the Louisiana State Professional photographers convention. I was giddy with excitement because I love a good road trip and who doesn't want to go to New Orleans, even in the summer?  I have been there few times and I love NOLA.  It had been a busy few months and honestly, Momma T needed a break! I really was looking forward to the trip because I knew that I would have some downtime. I had vision of relaxing with beignets and chicory  Coffee, spending some time exploring the city, well maybe even spending some "alone time" exploring the city, I know right? 


We were discussing all the stuff we needed to get done before we left and I hear ... honey why don't you set up a couple of shoots while we are in New Orleans.  There was a long silence as I saw my visions of a couple days in NOLA to wonder the city and get a break crashed down around me.  Saying I didn't want to shoot is, at the least, an understatement.  It was, after all, my vacation and you want me to shoot on vacation.... what... are you kidding me.  Yep, that's what I said.... SHOOTING ON VACATION, we'll shut the front door. 


Well, I took a moment and a deep, deep breath and then I thought about it.  New locations, new subjects, expanded portfolio with images way different anyone else in your area has. What was I thinking NOT shooting while I was in NOLA.  I put a call out on Model Mayhem and ended up meet some of the coolest models ever and a fantastic makeup artist who were all native New Orleanians.  We got to know each other and hang out and had the best time ever.  I had forgoten that if you really, I mean really, want to know a place, you have to get to know some locals. 

Hope you enjoy a few images from one of the models and in my best New Orleans accent...Laissez les bons temps rouler. 




Model: Jonika(9

Makeup: Amanda (