Boudoir Reps | Fall 2011

Well hello Internet. Did you miss us?

I know, we've been slacking - it’s only been weeks since we have blogged anything!!

This past month has been crazy busy, we have so much going on! There BIG things coming in the next two months so you better hang in there ; )

It may be 100+ outside here in Oklahoma, but if you've been to any store lately what do you see?


It's donning the shelves already as a reminder of the cool weather and holiday shopping to come! at Audacious we love to use just about any chance to celebrate so what did we do?

Found a way to do -just- that!

How do we celebrate you ask? Well...



With boudoir sessions of course!!

We are so excited to announce that we are taking on our first ever set of BOUDOIR REPS!




Now, I know you're wondering what exactly this entails.

So let me lay it all out for you:

We are looking for three, that's right only THREE unique fall 2011 ladies who want to represent Audacious!



In exchange for your help promoting Audacious Photography to your friends, you’ll receive some Audacious goodness... for FREE

What you'll get:

- Professional hair

- Professional makeup

- 2 looks

- 3 settings



The gist:

You'll be representing Audacious and earning your way toward more Audacious goodness!

Mini sessions will be shot on September 17th & 18th.

From these you will get your very own, personalized boudoir rep cards to pass out to your friends!



You get the shoot for not even a penny...

then you get to earn your products- and THEN some!!

From October 1 to December 1 all of the returned rep cards will count towards prizes!

(everything from more shoot time to bigger albums to sweetheart dates- see below!!)



The low down...

You must agree to represent ONLY Audacious Photography as a boudoir rep for the year 2011.

You must sign a model release allowing us to use your photos for marketing purposes.



If you are a part of the rep program, you’ll have the chance to earn the following:

3 returned rep cards = a mini accordion album

7 returned rep cards = 4x6 little black book

10 returned rep cards = another mini session and 'the' 5x7 little black book

15 returned rep cards = a full blown 4 looks, 3 hour audacious session, custom designed boudoir album

20+ returned rep cards = a full blown 5 look, 4 hour session, custom designed boudoir album, lingerie gift card, and massage for two

Also up for grabs ladies is a VDay gift package at a local B&B ;)

We'll be doing a drawing for this in January...the more cards you get returned, the better your chances to win!!



How can you be sure that your cards will get returned?


the lovely ladies you refer get a free accordion album so long as they hand over your referral card at the time of booking!



Let's recap:

We're only accepting 3 representatives.

We're taking applicants until August 31, 2011.

Representative sessions must be scheduled and take place on either September 17th or 18th.

Rep cards will be given to the reps by October 1st, 2011.

All reps will be entered in to the drawing for the VDay special, but only rep cards returned before December 1st, 2012 will count towards the drawing.

When your referrals book a session and pay their retainer, you will get credit for that referral.

Any rep cards after December 1st, 2011 will still contribute towards your print and session credits until January 1, 2012.

The ladies you refer receive a free accordion album!




Please send an email to with a photo of yourself & why you think you're the woman for the job!

We'll be announcing our reps on September 1st!




This isn't your average, meat market boudoir studio.

We don't shoot 8 ladies a day or do your cheap $150 boudoir sessions.

We are proud to treat boudoir like the experience that it really is...

As the most exclusive boudoir studio in Oklahoma... we really, truly look forward to hearing from you all!


The ladies of Audacious

: )