What happens when its "new and exciting" anymore... The power of personal project.

Do you ever feel somewhere, somehow you got lost? You don’t really know how you just know you are. I didn’t start out to be a professional photographer, in fact, if you had told me just a few years ago that I was going become one of Oklahoma City’s first professional photographer specializing in boudoir photography, marry a wedding photographer,  run a photography business, and become a boudoir photographer educator, boudoir photography mentor and speaker  I would have told you that you were absolutely crazy.  But here I am and been there done that.  

Last year, was a struggle for me personally and professionally.  When you decide to start a photography business, you quickly realize, the business of photography is just that a business. You spend 90% of your time working on the business side and 10% actually shooting.  You have to think about marketing, bookkeeping, insurance, location scouting, networking, invoicing clients, online presence, taxes, equipment replacement and maintenance, and, and, and.  Notice not once did I mention “shooting”.   The daily grind had just worn me down, I couldn't remember my why. 

The joy and passion, dare I say fun, I felt when I first started the photography was gone.  I am not a quitter, but I seriously was ready to just say forget it and become a statistic.   I don’t know how or why but I ran across a quote by Joline Godfrey   and it really made me think “All work and no play doesn't just make Jill and Jack dull, it kills the potential of discovery, mastery, and openness to change and flexibility and it hinders innovation and invention.” or in my case creativity.  The creativity of this business is usually where our passion come from and the passion is what keeps us going even when were tired and worn out and mine was gone.  

You ask where I am going with this? Last summer, Robert and I were driving from Oklahoma City to Stillwater.  We have been there several times for engagement sessions, cheer competition, photography classes and camera club meetings etc.  This time we decided to change it up a bit and were trying to take only back roads and I got a phone call.  One of my clients and a few of her friends had a crazy idea and wanted to know if I might want to help.  Their idea was a pin-up type calendar for charity.  My first instinct was just a flat out now way that would be way to much work, and I was already busy and burned out and the reason to say no were easy to come to mind; however, I told her I need to talk it over with Robert, I honestly wasn’t the least bit excited it was just more work and I was already burned out. 

I told Robert about the idea thinking that he would agree with what I was thinking.  To my surprise, he said and I quote” Terri, you should do it you need something fun in your life”….. long silence in the car!  I sat there staring at the window a bit on the hurt and angry side and realized he was right.  This “photography” thing had become work and not fun and I missed the fun, in that moment Pinups With A Purpose was born. 

Pinups with a Purpose is a passion project of Audacious Images.  Our mission is to support local charities while empowering women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds by challenging their self -perception, increasing their self-confidence and inspiring them to love themselves exactly how they are.  This project has stretched me personally, creatively and professionally and brought some of the coolest people that I know for a fact I would not have met any other way.  Most importantly, it renewed it has been … wait for it….. FUN! Yep, I said it, FUN!  I found my why again.  You may not be a photographer,  what every you do you have to find a balance between work and fun and I urge you to find something personal for you that brings the joy and fun back to you. 

We just launched the Model and Talent Application for 2018 and theme this year is going to be AMAZING!!!!! If you would like to be a part of this project feel free to fill out the application.  We are looking for Models, Hair and Makeup Artists, location scouts and basically anyone who wants to help in any way.  Our theme is still under wraps,  but it will Knock your socks off.  

I hope you enjoy some of our images from last year and stay tuned form more info on the PWP 2018 project.