It's a week passed the Bedford Camera & Video PhotoExpo held in Memphis and I still have the blues.  I find myself really missing everything about that convention, from the people, the location and the positive vibe in the air.  This must have been the best show so far and I'm happy to hear that it just wasn't my opinion.


We can get into all the details that made this an incredible experience for all, but if you didn't make it, then it would be hard to understand.  You just needed to be there.

These photography conventions don't happen with a click of a pen, a wave of the magic wand or just simple marching orders from command.  It takes the dedication, passion, and drive of many individuals that choose to push through obstacles, schedules, and every present - required - daily work.  Not to mention the doubt a simple idea will succeed.  Trust me, there are more people involved behind the scenes making things work than you can imagine.

This post is a simple way to say THANK YOU to everyone - seen or unseen - that helped create this event, worked the tradeshow, presented or even just corraled shooters on the Beale St. adventure.  I get to peek behind the curtain and have a very small idea of what the Bedford Camera crew does months in advance for these shows, but I still never get to see the whole picture.  I can imagine that from the outside - the regular attendee - all the moving parts are somewhat invisible to the general public.

Please do me a favor, the next show, convention or workshop you attend, be sure to thank everyone there.  Your kindness means the world.  Thank you for following me and I hope my presentation was helpful.  Be sure to check out the FotoFacts Podcast for the quick hits recorded during the PhotoExpo.

Here are some images from my lighting class and Beale Street - Enjoy!

A round of applause to the talent of Vail Models for traveling to Memphis for the event and assisting in classes.