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Hello There My Photo Peeps!

Before we get started, I hope you haven't watched the video yet because I have to apologize.  I'm working to get better with the video editing and shooting BTS clips that actually tell a story.  So please forgive me for the content of this mashed up video.  I know there are some critiques out there that will dislike this episode, but since I apoligized first... I'm good, right?

My dear friend Bob Kaussner from Spider Camera Holster called me a few weeks back and after I long conversation, I accepted his offer to try out this camera carry system.  Mind you that I haven't always been in love with most systems, but all of those have good and bad points to each system.  But still, I will give this product a combat-ready testing in my daily shooting.

Here is the first video of opening the box of the SpiderPro and I'm positive more videos will follow.  If you have any questions about how it's holding up, feel free to comment below and I will answer as honestly as possible.  

My friend Bob Kaussner from SpiderHolster sent me this awesome camera carry system to try out. The video is just the initial open box and I plan to have a more detailed breakdown of features very soon.

I want to get a shout-out to my sponsors that make my life easier daily.  If you are thinking of purchasing the same gear, there are some discount codes in the sponsors' area of the site.  

Special thanks to Xavier & Patrice from Photos on the Vine for inviting us out and of course, our muse, Chaeann F.